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Spruce Up the View from the Street


garden.jpgIt's common to get bored with the look of outside of your house. Most likely you don't need to move. You just need to do a little more keeping up with the Joneses. Take a good look at the houses on your street. What have your neighbors done to make their houses stand out? Most likely it's simple projects that you can easily do or have done.

If you've decided to tackle a few projects: prioritize and coordinate.


Here are a few ideas to get you motivated:

  • Paint the door.

    This simple project will take you a Saturday at the most and can really add a lot to the look of your house.

    Tip: Pick a color that stands out, but not like a sore thumb.

  • Get a new door.

    Decorator doors can add elegance. The new clear plastics used in place of glass make your house inviting, but also add great security.

    Tip: If you choose an ornate door, make sure it goes with the look of your house.

  • Paint the house.

    Pick a different color than last time. A complimentary color for the trim really accentuates the design and makes your house stand out from boring paint jobs the neighbors have.

    Tip: Paint it before there are signs of peeling. It saves time since there's no need for serious work with a steel brush.

  • Add a privacy fence.

    Putting a fence between you and the unsightly yards of neighbors will improve the look of your yard.

    Tip: Make the fence high enough to hide, but not so high that you feel you're in maximum security lockup.

  • Coat your deck.

    Many homeowners neglect their deck's upkeep. A deck takes a lot more punishment from the elements than your house does, so the wood needs the protective coating redone every year or two.

    Tip: Spray-on seals protect well and require a lot less work than staining with a brush.

  • Add a new wing to your deck.

    What seemed like a large deck can quickly shrink in usable space when you add a grill, picnic table, chairs and ultimately people.

    Tip: Wings make better use of space than just enlarging your deck. They're usually less work and give you two gathering spaces as opposed to one.

Depending on the scope of your project, plan a Saturday, a few evenings or maybe a couple of weekends. If you don't have the right tools, you may find it's more cost effective to have a contractor from Sunderland Home Improvement do the job for you.* Plus it will give you even more time to admire the work and check out the envious glances from the neighbors.

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